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Cavaliers' star Kevin Love said team therapy improved chemistry and focus

Boosting mental performance and resilience is the reason we are here today,” Love said in an interview to discuss his partnership with Cove, a wearable device that loops over the ears and delivers subtle vibrations, intended to induce a sense of calm.

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Rolling Stone

What Are Stress-Relief Wearables, and Do They Really Work?

Cove: “Easiest to Use”.   It uses gentle, massaging vibrations during the session to activate that interoceptive pathway (and produce similar brain activity to when you are meditating) to “relax” the brain.

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Veteran NBA Player Kevin Love Continues To Be A Trailblazer For Mental Health Awareness

“This is a wearable device,” says Kevin Love. “It’s affective touch therapy for in the morning and at night. It’s improved my sleep, improved my mental performance, and taken down the stress.”

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Wearing This Vibrating Headset Actually Works to Release Stress

"Like a loved one’s comforting touch, the sensation has a calming effect."

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Cove Wins 2020 Well Tech Award

"Unlike meditation headbands that guide you into the Zen zone, Cove takes the direct route to send the message to de-stress."

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Can This New Wearable Reduce Stress By Vibration? Our Honest Review

"As someone with moderate anxiety and poor sleep quality, I found improvements in both areas."

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The Gamer

Cove Review: At Ease, Even While Playing Rocket League

"You can’t afford to put a price on your mental health and sleep quality – things that the Cove helps improve within its first couple of uses."

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