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Wearing This Vibrating Headset Actually Works to Release Stress

The Cove promises less anxiety and a better 
night’s sleep.

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Gear Patrol

This revolutionary new wearable can't get here soon enough

Everything we know about Cove, which seeks to help you relax by recreating what works for infants.

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Cove wins 2020 Well Tech award

Unlike meditation headbands that guide you into the Zen zone, Cove takes the direct route to send the message to de-stress.

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PR Newswire

Feelmore Labs Introduces Cove

With Cove, Feelmore Labs is delivering a product which actively improves your wellbeing and has proven results.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel Tech For Dads

Make sure dad gets his beauty rest while on the road by purchasing him this wearable product called Cove.

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