Conquer stress. Sleep better. Achieve more.

Cove is a breakthrough wearable that helps you sleep better and stress less, so your body and mind can function at the highest level.

Wearing cove

Wear Cove for 20 minutes, twice daily

Cove can be worn while you do other things (work, play, relax), so it doesn’t take any time out of your day.


Experience peace of mind

During each session, Cove’s patented vibrations activate a brain pathway that helps you feel calm and emotionally balanced.


Unlock your potential

Within two weeks, you will begin to experience benefits. By improving your sleep and reducing your stress, Cove gives you the energy and focus you need to succeed.

Cove, by the numbers

The benefits of Cove have been validated by rigorous research with over 3500 participants across several clinical trials.

Stress benefits


of participants experienced reduced levels of stress


of participants would use the device again to regulate their stress

Sleep benefits


of participants reported improved sleep quality


minutes of additional sleep reported by participants
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cove app

Track your wellness journey with the Cove app

Use the app to:

  • Set session reminders

  • Track changes in your sleep and stress levels

  • Access heart rate and accelerometer data

  • Explore an in-depth user guide

  • Review trends and session history

cove device

Available worry-free for 45 days.

All Cove purchases include free returns during your 45 day trial period.

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